Dark Woods, Deep Water

In a desolate castle deep in the woods, ill-fated travellers fall prey to the dark goddess.

When Elisya tries to elope with a tournament champion and ruins her chances of a lucrative match, her father forces her into a betrothal with the unappealing lord of a desolate castle. Desperate to escape this marriage, she accidentally invokes a curse that turns the castle into a lethal trap. Those who cross its gates fall prey to the Goddess of Death.

Now Elisya is trapped too: surrounded by monsters and struggling to keep a grip on her own morals. When Ida, a young rogue on a botched heist to the castle, asks for her help to escape, Elisya refuses, too scared to defy the Goddess. Wounded and desperate, Ida learns there is a riddle that undoes the curse. If Ida doesn’t solve it and escape the castle’s horrors, the Goddess will claim her for eternity. The only person who can help her find the solution is the latest prisoner of the castle, an old warrior on a deadly mission. However, he will reach Ida only if he first persuades Elisya to recover her courage and change her mind. As the dawn approaches, the solution to the riddle becomes clear: if they want to escape, one of them must die.

Dark Woods, Deep Water is a dark fantasy novel inspired by Slavic folklore.

It will be published by Ghost Orchid Press in September 2023.

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